This FDA-cleared device delivers beautiful, unparalleled, professional results in an easy to use at-home system. The device features a smart skin sensor and interchangeable attachments to enable a variety of spa-quality therapies. This means that the device conforms to your skin's needs! The NuFACE Trinity comes standard with the Trinity Facial Trainer attachment which is built on the same micro-current technology that made the NuFACE Classic the leading handheld facial toning device. With the Trinity Facial Trainer attached, the NuFACE Trinity gently and effectively stimulates your skin to improve your appearance. Now in a beautifully engineered, ergonomic design with a new user interface and charging cradle, it is even easier to achieve beautiful results in only a few minutes a day.

To those of you who are unsure what micro-current is, allow me to explain. The human body is actually made of electricity; it is what gets us up in the morning and it is what pushes us through the day. Unfortunately, with age, skin cells tend to die more frequently and skin begins to sag. Essentially, by applying a safe micro-current, you revive those dead skin cells and skin takes on a powerful, youthful look-and-feel. It helps to image it as a dead smart phone battery that becomes recharged to full capacity.

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