PMD Personal Microderm

PMD Personal Microderm - Uncover Younger Skin PMD Personal Microderm was designed and developed by people who have a passion about microdermabrasion and youthful and glowing skin. PMD Personal Microderm is a patented, "at-home" microdermabrasion device perfected by a prominent Esthetician, a World Renowned Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon, and a Microdermabrasion and Laser equipment sales, all who worked with professional microdermabrasion machines daily. With microdermabrasion becoming the new, quite expensive trend in skin care, the need for a cheaper and better at-home microdermabrasion was born. The PMD uses aluminum oxide crystals and vacuum suction to smooth away dead skin cells, without the hassle or cost of going to the doctorsí office.